Slazenger V100 TAS Test Bat (2013)
Slazenger V100 TAS Test Bat (2013) Slazenger V100 TAS Test Bat (2013) Slazenger V100 TAS Test Bat (2013) Slazenger V100 TAS Test Bat (2013)

Slazenger V100 TAS Test Bat (2013)

Brand: Slazenger
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The V100 joins forces with the most anticipated bat technology since the laws
of the game began to create the ultimate bat.
The V100 TAS combines cutting-edge technology with a super light mid-blade profile to deliver stunning performance and new levels of stability and control.
TAS bat inserts give the bat qualities of which there has never been.
Player Type: All Round Stroke Player
Developed for players who demand an ultra lightweight bat with supreme balance.
Construction: English Willow
Quality hand selected English Willow expertly handcrafted by our master bat makers.
Profile: Low-Mid Blade.
New and improved profile with concave crafted spine ensures maximum edge thickness and side profiling for destructive precision.
Handle: Semi-Oval 12 Piece Cane Specially selected cane delivers an optimal combination of power, control and flexibility.
Edge: Xtreme TAS Edge Profile.
Contoured edges complete with revolutionary TAS inserts will take your game to the next level. TAS maximises edge protection to improve bat durability and edge performance.
Bow: Standard
A subtly bowed blade generates a perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power and control.
Toe: Tapered
New for 2013, a tapered toe as standard provides a superior stance position. Willow is distributed across the toe inline with a concaved profile for a better pick up.
Face: Flat/Rounded
The perfect combination of durability and power; edges are hand rounded for better performance.
Weight: 2lb 7oz - 2lb 10oz
Carefully handcrafted blade with sharp spine helps concentrate weight within the sweet spot.
Grip: OctoPlus
New and improved for 2013 to offer superior upper hand grip and increased lower hand cushioning for exceptional feel and control.
Finish: Pre Knocked In & IPS Toe Guard
All models are pre knocked in with selected models featuring the Slazenger IPS Toe Guard.
Ultimate – Specially Selected Grade 1 English Willow
Elite – Grade 1 English Willow
Pro – Grade 2 English Willow
Test – Grade 3 English Willow
Ultra – Premium Grade 4 English Willow
Select – Grade 4 English Willow