Salix Torque Performance Bat (2013)

Brand: Salix

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The Torque equals power.  With the new flatter face, swollen edges and smooth bow, the back is fuller to give even more power to every shot. The flatter face gives the blade greater purchase on the ball so Torque + timing = performance2 

The profile is extreme, but expert handwork ensures that it picks up beautifully; the balance, from the handle flex through to the core weighting into the toe is immaculate.
New marbled chrome and black labels are flooded with aqua, the effect is jewel like.  But there is nothing delicate about the Torque, it will be a brute on the pitch.
Senior weights 2,9 upwards
Players NF         SH, LB, LH
Grade One NF   SH, LB, LH, Harrow, Six, Five
Performance WP  SH