What Bat Should I Choose?

There are a few things to consider when buying a cricket bat. Hopefully this will help make it much clearer.

English v Kashmir Willow

The most obvious point is that English Willow bats are more expensive than Kashmir Willow. English willow is a much higher quality and is ideal for use against a hard cricket ball and in good standards of cricket.

Kashmir Willow is ideal for first cricket bats or when they are being used against soft cricket balls. They are harder and much more liable to break when used against a hard ball. They also do not perform nearly as well.

Virtually all bats used by professional and good club players are made from English willow for superior performance and endurance.


It is important when choosing a bat, especially for juniors that you don't buy one which is either too big or more to the point too heavy. Bats which are too heavy will force the player to alter their grip when lfting that bat and the result is that they are likely to play across the line. Similarly, bats which are too long prevent the bat from being picked up properly and the handle getting in the way of the shot.