Please care for your new bat using the instructions provided. We hope that it brings you many hours of fun and lots of runs.


Oiling Your Bat


It is strongly recommended that this process be undertaken in the privacy of your own home.  It can be sticky, messy, pungent job that requires linseed oil, a towel, and a bar of soap.  Beware; non-cricketers are often offended by the smell.  Using your fingers, apply about 10 mls of linseed oil per coat; gently smear over all exposed areas of timber, paying particular attention to good coverage around the toe area.  Repeat this process daily for the next 6 days until your bat matches the colour of your takeaway chips.  You are now ready to start knocking in your bat.


Knocking In


An ideal task for a person with a naturally aggressive streak.  Take a specially made bat mallet and tenderly beat your pride and joy, being mindful not to belt the edges too hard or commit unnecessary damage prior to use under real playing conditions.  A good tip is to start gently and slowly increase your momentum until your wrist aches, indicating its time to give it a rest.  Continue this process until your are satisfied the wood has condensed and denting subsides over the full playing surface.  A valuable indicator that your bat is well knocked in is if your family have packed your bags and left them at the front door.  Knocking in can take several days, even weeks, depending on how-soft your bat is.  Use caution, don’t rush this process, it’s important the whole street knows you have just bought a new bat.


Care and Maintenance


During the cricket season avoid excess moisture other that that of linseed oil.  Should the bat dry out during the season superficial cracking may appear.  Should small cracks appear they can be removed with a light sanding and application of linseed oil to the sanded area.  Apply two or three light coats of linseed oil during the season to ensure the bat remains sweet, supple and that the odour remains buoyant.  Sleeping with your bat is not recommended immediately after oiling and knocking in.


If you don't have the time or inclination to knock your bat in, we'll happily do it for you for £25 inc VAT.